The Top Couch Style Trends for 2017

While many homeowners opt to go classic when choosing a couch since it’s such a big investment, others opt for a bolder style that makes this piece of furniture the focal point of a room. Regardless of what camp you fall into, here are six of the top sofa styles that are trending for 2017.

1. Scaled-Down Pieces
Although oversized sectionals were once de rigueur, House Beautiful notes that interest in small-space living has created a market for furniture that is more closely sized to the scale of the room. In many cases, that means custom-designed couches that are built to the buyer’s specifications. If you are furnishing a small space, this is the trend to try in 2017.

2. Tropical Prints
According to Vogue, this refreshing look is adding a summery vibe to homes through rugs, wallpaper, and even upholstery fabric. If you’re not ready to commit to the total look, consider adorning your sofa with throw pillows in this bold pattern, which was featured in the 2017 collections of both Marc Jacobs and Prada.

3. Dark Green
Is dark green the new neutral? This year, it replaces navy blue as the deep hue of choice for walls, drapery, and yes, couches. If you’re a fan of bringing the outdoors in when designing your living space, a sofa in this earthy hue is a great way to complete the look.

4. Velvet Finishes
Texture will be big in 2017, and a velvet couch gives you this luxe, plush look. For the trendiest vibe, opt for jewel tones, which will be the hot palette for the coming year. The new velvets are actually combined with polyester, making them stain-resistant and durable (as well as indistinguishable from the real thing).

5. Nailhead Accents
This retro look is often associated with upholstered furniture, but it will be used in brand-new ways this year. Designers are not only choosing contrasting metals to allow this hardware to make a statement, but also using the nailheads to create eye-catching patterns and designs.

6. Artisan-Crafted Furniture
More homeowners are choosing handmade, high-quality pieces that are designed to last a lifetime. Not only are these couches both durable and unique, they often use sustainable materials and manufacturing practices for buyers who are concerned about the earth.

Regardless of your personal design aesthetic, these six hot trends can inspire your decor if you’re shopping for a new sofa in 2017.

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