How to Select the Perfect Gluten Free Gift

If you have a friend who needs to eat only gluten-free foods because of a medical disorder like celiac disease, finding a gift for them may be a bit more difficult than usual. If you are used to buying a pack of their favorite beer, for example, you won’t be able to do this anymore unless of course you choose a beer that is gluten-free.

Fortunately, there are number of wonderful gifts that you can get your gluten-free friend. They will appreciate these gifts, and they will also appreciate knowing that you took the time to find something that is perfect for them as an individual. Use the following tips to help find the perfect gift for your gluten-free friend.

1. You don’t have to choose a gluten free food.

Gluten-free foods are everywhere these days. You can basically find any food in a gluten free form. For your friend who needs to eat only gluten-free foods, you may be inclined to purchase one of these foods as a gift, but likely, your friend already knows about all of these foods. Allow them to choose their own sweets and treats. Instead, consider another gift that may be of benefit to them.

2. Cooking appliances are always welcome.

Those who are gluten-free often end up making a lot of their own food at home instead of going out to eat at restaurants or shopping for pre-made meals at the grocery store. For this reason, you may consider buying your gluten-free friend a cooking appliance. For example, a food processor, a blender, a bread maker, a peeler or a waffle maker are all good examples of gifts that your gluten-free friend may appreciate.

3. Containers and lunch organizers for leftovers.

Because your gluten-free friend may end up cooking a lot at home, making more than is needed for one specific meal is a common practice. And for this reason, getting your friend a set of storage containers or a nice lunch box may be a good idea. This enables your friend to be able to store the leftover foods easily.

4. Get something funny for them.

Being gluten-free isn’t exactly easy because of all of the restrictions that it can put on your everyday life. But there are actually a large number of people who have this specific eating concern, so that means that there are naturally a lot of funny and amusing gifts that you can get for your gluten-free friend that they will find entertaining. For example, consider getting them a T-shirt that says “Gluten Free” on the front or a coffee mug that says something about their eating habits. These are little things that your friend will find amusing and likable.

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