How to Choose a Gift for Cigar Enthusiasts

Cigars are a delicacy, which is partly the reason why there are so many cigar enthusiasts out there. This makes sense; the taste of a cigar is known to be richer than a regular cigarette. It is a great time to buy cigars. They are now readily available, especially because of the surge of cigar smokers in the UK. This will definitely affect prices here, too. The question is how do you buy a gift for a cigar lover?

Tips to Find the Right Gift

It is always a good idea to investigate the person who you are purchasing the cigar for. The following are just a few questions to think about:

  • Does the person like only one particular brand or does he or she like to experiment?
  • Is the smoker into accessories like cigar holders, ash trays, or cigar piercers? Does he or she already have some of these accessories?
  • Some cigar enthusiasts love to smoke with others, like in cigar lounges. Does the place that he or she frequent offer gift cards or special events that you could organize?

Of course, these are just a few questions you should ask yourself while you are trying to figure out what you should buy.

Another good idea is to learn about some of the better cigars out there. Most cigar enthusiasts consider the Cuban cigar to be one of the rare delicacies, which is why they are so coveted. You should have an easier time finding these types of cigars since the embargo was just lifted. The following is a list of the most popular options:

  • Partagas are perhaps one of the most popular brands in Cuba. These cigars are carefully blended and have a strong tobacco taste. The cigar is heavy and thick, which should definitely be a delicacy for the cigar enthusiast.
  • Cohibas are quite expensive, but they are very special. These cigars are aged and usually have a robust grassy taste with hints of vanilla and coffee. This cigar is naturally fermented.
  • Romeo y Julieta cigars are an exotic brand that blends floral, woodsy, nutty, and herbal flavors into the cigar. It is very experimental, but many have learned to appreciate it.

These are some of the most coveted cigars coming from Cuba; there are more options.

It might be a good idea to be safe, and just opt for a sampler. Samplers are great because they come with a variety of cigars, meaning it will be pretty hard for the cigar enthusiast to dislike every cigar in the collection. Hopefully, these tips make it easier to find the right gift.


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