Galaxy Note 7 Disaster Continues

It is still unclear the reason of Galaxy Note 7 inflammation. Samsung Electronics and the South Korean government have had to begin their own investigation to find out that reason or reasons.

There were more than 100 incidents in the United States when the smartphone was suddenly on fire. The company, which is the biggest smartphone maker in the world, has already lost several billions of dollars. To investigate the causes why these devices caught fire is a task of the highest priority.fired

At the beginning Samsung started to replace the devices instead of absolute recall. It meant the company did not know what truly had caused the problem. Later it was said the defective lithium-ion batteries, which are produced by the affiliate of Samsung Electronics, were the reason of burning smartphones. The replaced devices also burst into flames and the company decided to end both sales and production of Galaxy Note 7.

To China these smartphones got with different Amperex Technology batteries, other Samsung lithium battery supplier. Note explosions continued in Chine so Samsung and Amperex claimed the problem was not in batteries. More likely the reason of catching in fire is complex.

Understanding the reasons of inflammation is vitally important task for Samsung. First of all, to save its name and reputation of technology innovator and secondly, to avoid the same fiasco of Galaxy Note 7. So as analysts say, the technical giant should make any results of investigation publicly available. Samsung Electronics has to find out what is wrong with their device, correct and renovate it and finally to decide what to do to not allowed similar situation happens again in future. But if it happens, they must already know how to cope with it in the most effective way.

Transparent investigation and full acceptance of responsibility will diminish negative reaction of consumers and will help to return their trust to the company.