8 Unique Challenge Coins and the Stories Behind Them

Challenge coins are always rich with meaning. Each coin has a story to tell and lives affected behind it. To commemorate the impact and deep meaning of some of these coins, we wanted to take a look at some heart-warming stories. Here are eight, unique challenge coins and the stories behind them.

1 Jason B. – Firefighter

Jason is a firefighter in New York that has been on the force for just over a year. He recently saved three lives in a daring rescue within a collapsing, fire-engulfed building. His bravery was rewarded in a number of ways including his department’s creation of a challenge coin for him. The coin features hands reaching from outside in toward his fire emblem in the center.

2 Kim Z. – ER Doctor

Kim is an ER physician. A recent car accident brought in twins in critical condition. Her devoted care kept her at the ER beyond her shifts but kept the twins alive and the family with valuable hope. Her going above and beyond was acknowledged via a challenge coin featuring her focused face with a halo over her head.

3 Leonard H. – Attorney

After 20 years of service, the staff at Leonard’s law offices wanted to do something really special to commemorate this noteworthy anniversary. Leonard’s sense of humor, 20 years of service, and a love for ice cream combined for a unique challenge coin. Leonard’s coin featured a bowl of ice cream perched under a gavel with service dates proudly inscribed above. The veteran attorney loved his gift.

4 Wayne A. – Eagle Scout

Wayne was a spirited cub scout for many years. Doing all he could for his troop and himself, he eventually became eligible for eagle scout promotion. However, he struggled with the tasks required of him for the promotion. Not giving up, Wayne persevered and won his promotion. His challenge coin featured him in victory at the top of a mountain.

5 Allie A. – Recovered Addict

Allie struggled terribly with drug and alcohol abuse for several years. Her addiction was solid and quite typical. After a long, hard trip through recovery, she is now one year into sobriety and a blossoming life. Her loved ones lovingly commemorated her victory with a challenge coin that simply said “we love you” with all of her loved ones names inscribed.

6 Tiffany K. – Drug Rehab Counselor

Tiffany is a drug rehabilitation counselor with a touch for caring and sensitivity with her patients. After helping one of her patients to get clean, the gentleman decided to make a challenge coin in her honor to give out at his place of employment to employees that have exceeded all expectations. She was completely flattered and honored by this.

7 Jennie I. – Girl Scout

Jennie is a girl scout in a challenging California-based troop. She was met with a merit challenge to help those in need and came through big for her troop. Her reward was a change in rank as well as a beautiful challenge coin commemorating her determination to care for others.

8 Carl J. – College Grad

Carl was in college a little longer than expected. His family was concerned if he would even make it to graduation. Just in time though, he pulled it together and made it through with above average grades. His family was so proud of his earning of his postgraduate education that they invested in a challenge coin for him among other things. This coin showed Carl perched above a pile of books with the word “graduate” in bold, headlining letters.

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