8 Great Ways to Burn More Calories

These days, obesity has become an epidemic. Due to both lifestyle and environmental factors, more and more people are leading sedentary lives and eating in an unhealthy fashion that facilitates excess weight gain. However, learning how to burn more calories can help you win the battle of the bulge, improve your self-confidence, and promote better mood. Below you will find just eight of numerous techniques you can implement to start burning more calories immediately:

1. Exercise Longer.

Although it may seem obvious, it is still worth stating that exercising for a longer period of time will help you burn more calories. As noted by personal trainer Christopher Wharton, the more time you spend exercising, the more calories you burn.

2. Add Strength Training To Your Workouts.

As many personal trainers and fitness experts know, building muscle enables you to burn more calories while at rest. This is why adding strength training to your workouts is important. There are many forms of strength training you can implement to build muscle, and one of the simplest is weight-lifting.

3. Try Caffeinated Tea.

As a stimulant, caffeine tends to increase the number of calories you burn. Additionally, caffeine can cause metabolic changes within the body that enhance the overall number of calories you burn. For this reason, you may want to try integrating caffeinated green tea into your diet.

4. Don’t Skip Breakfast.

Some research indicates that people who skip breakfast tend to consume more calories by the end of their day. Other studies indicate that teens who skip breakfast have a higher body mass index. Finally, eating a meal turns the gastrointestinal tract on and costs calories as the digestive system gets fired up. As such, it seems that beginning the day with a small meal will likely help one burn more calories.

5. Drink 8 Cups Of Water Daily.

Almost everything you do with your body burns calories, and this includes the processes of absorbing and utilizing water. Moreover, staying hydrated is linked to promoting a healthy metabolism. Given that the metabolism is responsible for enabling the body to burn calories effectively, it seems that individuals who boost theirs by drinking more water will likely find it easier to torch calories.

6. Try The “1 Times 10” Trick.

This strategy is recommended by the P90X creater Tony Harton and was referenced in Health magazine. It involves finding 10 opportunities per day to raise the heart rate for one minute. This strategy can help you burn as many as 300-400 calories each day. One way to actualize this strategy is by doing 10 squats at the top of each hour.

7. Keep It Cool.

It turns out that turning your AC on may help you torch more calories. In fact, keeping your home environment on the chilly side can increase the body’s brown fat by as much as 40%. When cold temperatures activate this fat, it will respond by burning calories to keep you warm.

8. Watch Television On The Floor.

Ideally, we should watch as little television as possible and develop a more active lifestyle. However, if you’re a TV nut, know that you can burn more calories watching the television on the floor as opposed to on the couch. This is so because sitting on the floor requires the muscles to support you while also making you work hard in order to stand up.

Don’t Delay: Start Burning More Calories Today!

If you’re ready to burn more calories, know that you can realize the goal. Use some or all of the calorie-burning techniques outlined above to get started immediately!

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