6 Things You Need to Know about Reloading Brass

When going to the range for target shooting, hundreds of rounds can be used in just a few hours. Rather than spending extra money for new rounds of ammunition, many firearm enthusiasts will reload their own brass. This can provide several benefits, from saving money to increased pride in your skills. Below are some things that are important to know if you’re looking to reload your own brass.

Required materials

Essential items that are required for reloading include brass cases, proper type of smokeless powder, bullets, and primers. Scales, priming tools, powder measuring conversion table, and bullet pullers are other items that will be used with virtually every reload. If you are interested in reloading military-style weapons, you will also use crimping tools.

Physical characteristics of brass

An important thing to consider is that not all brass is made alike. Reloading your own ammunition is a great chance to put to use your detail and precision skills, as you will want to make sure that your brass is consistent. Essential factors to consider are hardness of the brass, thickness, and weight. This information can easily be found by contacting the company.

Saving money on ammunition

Many firearm owners prefer to reload in order to save time and money on the purchase of ammunition. Especially when there is a shortage of ammo, reloading can be much less time-consuming than trying to determine which stores have ammo available. Many sellers of the brass casings also offer bulk discounts. This offers the dual benefit of ensuring you have more than enough ammo to last, as well as making the cost per round extremely low.


Not only is reloading your own brass completely legal in the United States, it is also very common. There are no permits or licenses required, making brass reloading an option open to anyone with the time and skill available.

Types of available bullets

Those wanting to save the most money on reloading have the ability to make casts of their own bullets. This is ideal if you are wanting to reload at moderate velocities. If you would would like to purchase your bullets, you also have the option of buying jacketed bullets. Additional options available if you are looking to reduce expenses on your bullets include using a swage press or purchasing plated bullets.

Types of available powders

There are some powders that burn faster than others, and selecting a powder that burns a little faster will help you save a little money, as it overall tends to use a slower charge than a slower burning powder. If you’re not as concerned about money as you are velocity, than you will find a better option is to use a slow burning powder, as it provides a higher velocity level.

Brass reloading is a great way to enjoy your favorite hobby while avoiding the extra expense of purchasing new rounds of ammunition after every trip. While it requires precision and attention to detail, many that reload their own brass find this hobby to be a source of pride that pairs very well with the pride of high levels of accuracy while shooting.

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