6 Accessories to Complement Your Watch

If you still wear a watch or have decided to start wearing one, you’re one of the good ones. Watches are certainly not as popular as they once were, but they’re super accessories to have as they’re both useful and fashionable. To complement the beauty and elegance of your watch, here are six awesome fashion accessories to try out.

1. A Unique Watch Band

Did you know that almost all watches have bands that can be switched out for new ones? It’s true that most watch companies make their watches with removable bands, but you do have to make sure that you purchase new bands that will fit your particular watch style. You can choose anything from fine metals to bracelet style chains or leather bands.

2. A Watch Safety Chain

Watch safety chains are a relatively old accessory, but they always look fine and elegant. The purpose of a watch chain is actually to be there in case the clasp on your watch fails you. In this way, it can keep your watch from falling off and being lost.

3. Watch Safety Chain Charms

If you do opt for a watch safety chain on your watch, you can also add charms to it. Consider putting small gemstones or silver or gold charms that represent something that you like on your chain. For example, you can get a tennis racket figurine, a ballet dancer or an animal of your choice.

4. Matching Bracelets

Why not throw some bracelets on with your watch? It’s a great way to complement the metal or leather style of any watch, and the sound that your bracelets will make clinking against your watch is just an added bonus! Choose to wear them on the same wrist as you wear your watch or on the other side. If you really want to make a statement, wear your bracelets on both wrists.

5. A Ring

Another good idea for an accessory that will complement your watch is a matching ring. Wear it on the same side as you wear your watch to emphasize the link.

6. Three Quarter Length Sleeves

Finally, don’t forget that if you truly want to show off your new watch, you shouldn’t wear long sleeves that will cover up your beautiful new accessory. Three-quarter length sleeves will perfectly show off your watch and keep you from having to pull up your sleeve when you want to know the time.

It’s easy to say that watches aren’t necessarily useful anymore because you can always look at your phone or a digital clock to see the time. In reality, watches can come in handy either when your phone’s not around or when it’s run out of battery. And anyway, it’s just a classy look that you might want to try out. When you do, make sure to incorporate some of these cute fashion accessories as well!

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