5 Top Clothing Trends To Try This Fall

Fall is a fantastic season for fashion because there are so many opportunities to blend elements of summer and winter wardrobes that make for really interesting outfits. If you are looking forward to keeping up with the latest fashion trends for this fall, check out the follow ideas for your next fall outfit to try before the season is over.

1. Everyone is Mad About Plaid

Plaid continues to be a major staple for fall wardrobes. As the leaves begin to fall and we get ready for some serious snow days, the plaid print colors tend to change from more pastel to variations with red and black. Far from a typical lumberjack look, you will notice red and black plaid prints on all types of clothing items. This year, plaid pencil skirts are in especially high demand.

2. Floral Maxi Dresses

These delicate pieces are showing up on runways and are favorite outfits of fashion icons this season. They are both comfortable to wear and make for a super feminine look. Floral maxi dresses have been deemed a staple of top street style in New York City this fall.

3. Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are all the rage this fall. You can snag one in a variety of different prints and colors. While they have been a fall staple for quite some time now, this season is seeing a rise in silk bomber jackets as one of the top street fashion statements of the year.

4. Velvet Blazer

Although many people reserve this item as more of a winter favorite, this fall is seeing the early debut of the velvet jacket. Some of the top looks this season include velvet blazers paired with denim. To keep the look more fall appropriate, try pairing a velvet blazer with a lighter shade of denim. You could even rock this look with denim cutoffs until the weather fully turns for winter.

5. Over the Knee Boots

These boots have always been popular in the winter, but now they are becoming more popular as a fall fashion favorite. Keep these boots seasonal by pairing them with a top made of a lighter and looser fabric, such as a silk blouse. When the seasons fully change, you can swap that out for a heavy sweater to keep warm and cozy. Black is one of the most versatile colors that you can purchase if you opt to try out the over the knee boot fashion statements this fall.


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