5 Things to Know About Portable Storage

Whether you’re moving to a new city for an exciting career opportunity, or you are purchasing your first, new home, you’ll have to consider what kind of moving and storage solutions you need. There are many advantages to moving using portable storage containers.

Fits in the Driveway
If you’re moving from one home to another, you will need time to pack your belongings. With a storage truck, you have one day to pack and move before you have to return the truck or pay huge fees. You’ll also have to worry about being charged fueling fees if you don’t fill the tank before dropping it off at the company. The storage container doesn’t have extra fees.

Keep the Container as Long as You Need
It could be a few weeks to a few months before you’re ready to move out of your home. You can keep the container as long as you need it. With a truck, you’ll have a limit to how long you can keep it before it needs to be returned.

Variety of Sizes Available
With someone else dropping off the truck as well as picking it up when it’s full, you can get any size. You won’t need to make two or three trips for all the belongings in your home. The sizes start at 7 feet by 7 feet by 8 feet and can range towards 16 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet depending on the company as well as what you need to hold all your things.

More than Delivery
There are times when you might not want to move everything into your new place. It might not be ready for you to move into it, or you might decide to hold some of your items in storage for a while. The container can also be used as a storage unit and kept at the storage facility. You can have items delivered to your new home then use the container for long-term storage.

Safe and Secure
The unit stored at a facility is going to be looked after by staff and the facility’s security system. They’re also secure from damage and weather conditions like snow, rain or cold temperatures. This is good if you have to store electronics for a period of time. You don’t want moisture to get into your furniture either.

Whether you need the portable storage container for long-term storage or portable storage from one location to another, there’s an option to fit your needs.

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