5 Great Dental Habits that Will Improve Your Smile

Having a healthy mouth, teeth and gums is important for your overall health. Not only will keeping good dental habits help you avoid cavities and fillings, but it will also keep your smile brighter. In order to ensure that you have good oral hygiene and a bright, happy smile, make sure to heed the five following guidelines.

1. Brush even after you eat a meal and not just in the morning and before bed.

Most people tend to brush their teeth before they go to bed at night and in the morning after they wake up. These are good habits to keep, but you should always brush your teeth after you eat a meal as well. Naturally, when you eat anything, food bits and pieces can get caught in between your teeth, and overtime this may cause tooth decay and cavities. Be sure to get rid of these for bits and pieces right away by always brushing after you eat.

2. Mouth wash goes a long way.

Mouthwash helps to keep your breath fresher, but it can also wish away food bits and pieces from in between your teeth. And it is good at disinfecting your tongue and gums so that bacteria cannot grow there.

3. If you must chew gum, choose sugar-free gum.

A lot of people chew gum. Often, they chew gum after a meal or after drinking coffee so that they have fresher breath. Some people chew gum just for something to do. Chewing gum in and of itself isn’t terrible, but when the gum that you are chewing is not sugar-free, it can cause serious tooth decay because you are chewing a lot over time and in the same places on your teeth. Make sure to choose sugar-free gum whenever you choose gum at the store.

4. Avoid grinding your teeth at night with a bite guard.

Many people tend to grind their teeth at night. This could be a nervous habit, or it could be something that people do because their bite and jaw alignment is off. If you would like to stop grinding your teeth, you can enjoy a number of wonderful benefits. First, you’ll have less jaw, neck and headaches. You’ll also feel better overall and will help keep your teeth healthier and less worn down in the back.

5. Always floss in the morning and at night.

Recent studies have debated whether or not flossing your teeth is actually beneficial for reducing cavities in the long run. But dentists and oral hygienists agree that flossing is integral to the health of your teeth and gums. Continue to floss your teeth in the morning and at night to ensure a happy and healthy smile.

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