4 Benefits of Purchasing Once Fired Brass

With the cost of ammunition increasing and the supply and demand going up, it’s becoming unaffordable and sometimes impossible to find the ammo that you need. This is a big reason why many gun enthusiasts are finding it more valuable to reload their brass than ever before. It prevents the need to go out and find ammo that might not show up on your local shelves for months. It’s far easier to find the grain you need to reload your fired brass.

Decrease the Need for New Ammo

By reloading once-fired brass, you can decrease the need for buying new ammo by saving your fired casings. You may be able to go out to your local shooting range to collect spent shell casings or you can purchase already fired brass online. Many shooters will save their fired shell casings for this reason–to resell them online.

Cheaper Prices

It’s less expensive to purchase already fired brass because it’s used and typically has not been refilled. You never want to purchase “cheap” ammo to shoot in your gun, even if it’s for target practice because it can be bad for your weapons. Shipping costs are also less expensive since the bullets have not been filled and weigh less than traditional ammo. Sometimes you can find a good deal on regular ammunition but when you factor in the cost of shipping, it eats up most of your savings that you looked so hard to find.

Improve Your Accuracy

Ammunition that has been filled in factories may not always be accurate. The bullets may say they are a certain grain, but machines need to be calibrated regularly. Without proper calibration on a regular basis and strict quality control, the machines can be off which will affect the weight of the bullet. If one bullet weighs more or less than the next, shooting accurately will become impossible. If you’re reloading your own bullets, you can perform your own quality control by calibrating your own scale and ensuring that each bullet weighs the exact same amount, thus improving your accuracy.

Shoot More

With saving so much money when you reload your own once fired brass, you can afford to shoot more. This can also help improve your accuracy, but it also increases your fun. It’s easier to shoot round after round knowing that you’re paying less for each round and that you’re not shooting off your savings (literally).

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