3 Ways To Make Your Light Displays Stand Out This Holiday Season

There seems to be at least a little bit of silent competition among neighbors to have the best looking holiday light display. Sometimes the competition is quite active. However, you do not want your holiday light display to be an eyesore to your neighbors. Here are three ways to make lighting up your home for the holidays stand out.

Upgrade to LED Lights

LED holiday lights are typically brighter, and they save a tremendous amount of energy. The initial cost to buy them is higher than incandescent bulbs, but the benefits of LEDs are greater. Unless you have a giant light display, you are not going to see a major savings on your electric bill switching to LEDs. However, quality LED lights are brighter and use only a fraction of the electricity used by incandescent bulbs. The actual LEDs will still be working when the light strand has reached the end of its useful life. No more bulb replacement! Plus, you can get LED holiday lights that look like any of your favorite light styles from the big vintage C9 bulbs of yesteryear to modern minilights.

Stick With One Bulb Color

Multicolor strands of lights have their place, but artistic holiday light displays usually stick with one color for effect. A favorite is lighting up the limbs of a deciduous tree that is barren of its leaves in the winter. It looks like a sculpture against the dark backdrop of night. If you use a single color to light your entire outdoor or indoor holiday light display, it can present an amazing visual effect. Choose your favorite color. Choosing two colors that contrast, such as red and green, can also create interesting lighting effects that are pleasing to the eye.

Use Lasers and Inflatables

Two of the newer holiday light display options are lasers and inflatables. Laser devices project dots of light over a large area. A single holiday laser projector can light up a house or a large tree with thousands of pinpoints of light. Some newer units also animate the lighting effect. Be sure to read reviews and buy a quality weatherproof device if you are going to use it outdoors, and also be sure to heed the warnings. Looking into a laser emitter can damage your eyes. Inflatables have been around longer, but new styles come out each year. If you have a large outdoor space, you may want to consider purchasing or renting large commercial illuminated holiday inflatables. If you have more than one inflatable, stick to a theme to keep your display elegant and cohesive.

Do not just try to light up every square inch of space. Plan your holiday light display on paper. Use light clips to keep your bulbs evenly spaced and pointing toward the viewer. If it is cold where you live, watch the weather and pick a warm day to decorate outdoors. Be careful using any ladders, and do not overload any circuits. Inspect your lights and cords before plugging them in too. A little planning can make you holiday lights look better than your neighbor’s display.
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