3 Reasons Why Antenna Alignment Matters in Communications

As communications technology has improved, it has become important to ensure antenna alignment is as accurate as possible. With satellites and computers taking over many aspects of communication systems, the reliance on proper antenna alignment is more crucial than ever. However, many people have the mistaken belief that satellites and computers alone can solve any communication problems that may arise. Yet while technology has advanced in many ways, antennas still play a vital role in numerous aspects of communication. To learn more about this, here are three reasons why antenna alignment does indeed matter in today’s high-tech communications era.

Calculating Microwave Path Target Data
If an antenna is not properly aligned, a satellite will not be able to properly calculate the microwave path target data that will be needed to ensure a strong signal is sent back to the antenna. In these instances, no matter the frequency band, the microwave path cannot create the link that is needed to make the signal strong enough to maintain the transmission path.
Eliminating Re-Installations
Needless to say, if an antenna is not properly aligned the first time, you or a trained communications technician will have to continue trying to install it at the proper angle that will result in creating the proper link that’s needed between the antenna and the satellite. In doing this, you’ll be looking to get the proper azimuth, tilt, and roll that will be needed to achieve the proper alignment specifications. And in addition to this, proper antenna alignment also leads to having the correct latitude/longitude and height, which is always necessary for achieving the strongest possible signal.

GPS Technology
With GPS technology playing a more important role in numerous aspects of modern communication, having proper antenna alignment is necessary to keep GPS technology working as it should. Since the transmission path between two microwave antennas must be properly aligned for this to occur, it’s imperative that the antenna alignment measurements be as accurate as possible. Otherwise, ground technicians will need to use a variety of tools to get the alignment correct, which can cost a company time and money.

By working hard to get the antenna alignment correct as quickly as possible, customers and companies can have few if any problems with their alignment. By realizing the important role antenna alignment plays in modern communication systems, it’s possible to keep the lines of communication around the world running smoothly. Whether it’s a person trying to watch a movie at home or military personnel on a secret mission, properly-aligned antennas make all the difference.

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