3 Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Protein Powder

Introducing a protein powder to your diet can help you stave off hunger while having a positive influence on muscle retention. Certain types may also have other benefits, like protecting against breast cancer or offering a complete set of necessary amino acids. As such, it’s important to determine what’s right for you before making a purchase; not all powders are created equal. Below are three questions to ask yourself before making a decision.

What is the quality?

Your choices can range from animal-sourced proteins, like whey and casein, as well as vegetarian sources like soy, hemp, and rice. Each one comes with its own health profile, like having more or less carbohydrates and other innate properties. Some powders are nonetheless below par compared to others brands, either through poor consistency, taste, or causing unpleasant side effects. It’s best to do some due research and know what types you’ll like before having too much.

What else is in it?

Depending on how you plan on consuming the protein, other ingredients in the powder can make or break a serving. Many come with flavors and sweeteners, and these aren’t always natural or high-quality. Flavors and sweeteners can be natural or organic, too, but you’ll have to look carefully at the ingredients to find out. Some brands place other additives in the powder, like preservatives and dyes. While many brands add vitamins and other nutrients to improve the health benefits, your best option may be to simply stick to a clean and simple powder.

What purpose will it serve?

Most people seek out protein for two reasons: to increase muscle mass or to lose weight. You’ll have to consider what percentage of the powder is pure protein and how many calories come in a serving, depending on the brands you like. The higher the protein content, the better the powder is for shedding pounds. When you consume it also matters, since powders with more calories can affect your nutrient absorption when exercising. These same powders can be fine for eating during the day, so examine your goals before choosing.

Protein can leave positive impacts on your health and lifestyle, but you’ll be better off knowing what proteins are right for you. If you want to shop around, feel free: there are many options available on today’s market. Once a powder with all the nutritional values and ingredients you want comes along, you can look forward to a great boost to your diet.

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