3 Gifts to Buy Your Volleyball Player This Holiday Season

Getting the right gift for the holiday season is always an important consideration, but it can be especially difficult when buying for an athlete. Volleyball is one such sport where gift ideas can be hard to come by. Volleyball players probably already have the attire and the ball. Other than a court at the house, what else could they possibly need? The answer is plenty! Here are three gift ideas for your volleyball player this holidays.

1. Knee and Elbow Pads

Your volleyball player probably has knee and elbow pads. However, their current equipment may be in disrepair, or not performing as well as it should. Wood floors, and even sand can make bone-jarring impacts on joints. According to Livestrong, buying high quality knee and elbow pads will help prevent injuries and is especially vital for playing the game in an indoor setting. Having that little extra cushion will also provide your player with the confidence to play their absolute best without fearing injury. This is a gift that will keep your volleyball player in the game, and having fun.
2. Volleyball Shoes
A good pair of volleyball shoes will help the player get around the court quickly, and also prevent ankle injuries. A large number of companies create shoes specifically for volleyball, so always consider the sort of shoes your volleyball player is interested in. ASICS and Mizuno are two such companies, but there are a ton of others. You may not know what to look for in a shoe. Getting your volleyball player to act as the residential expert may be the best bet in selecting a good pair, even if it spoils the surprise a little. Together you can find a pair of shoes with style, and substance.3. Training Equipment
The FIVB, volleyball’s global governing body, describes volleyball as a “complex sport of simple skills”. How does someone improve their performance with certain skills? By practicing! Training equipment has been developed to improve volleyball serves, rebounds, digs, lateral movement and so on. Giving your volleyball player the extra bit of practice they need can make all of the difference on the court. They’ll thank you for that self training serve net whenever they make a crucial serve in one of their high school games.

These are just a few of many possible gifts to get your volleyball player this winter, but it provides a great place to start. Best of luck with your holiday shopping!

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